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A look at what's coming...

When I first realized that I wanted to DO this (ie. build something brand new that I'd never, really, done before but that I felt SO COMPELLED to create, like my WHOLE LIFE had been moving toward this... )

I was terrified...

Terrified, very specifically, that I'd get two lessons in and run out of things to say. So I did what any high-functioning anxious person would do in my terrified shoes: I planned.

I planned out 2 years worth of lessons... in a series of chapters....

Right now, we're in the introductory shake-off-the-dust, get-your-hands-moving first chapter. These exercises in lines and patterns and experimentation and freedom and embracing mistakes and giving yourself a million chances to try and try again... are the PERFECT way to remember what it feels like to be physically engaged in creativity. No computer screen. No stress. No judgement. No nothing. JUST practice.

And we've got a couple more of these introductory lessons ahead (which are going to be GREAT), but when those are done we'll be moving on to COLLAGE!

.... and then drawing

... and then watercolor

.... and then perspective ... art history ... mixed media...


And all of them will start out as approachable and as easy-to-pick-up-and-get-comfortable-in as this first handful of assignments have been. And then they'll gradually get a little more challenging. Not in a big or intimidating kind of way, but in a "Hey, I just realized I can do that thing, now let's see what else I can do." kind of way.

Because the point is growth.

This is not art class. No one is being graded. No one is expected to BE something or BECOME something, here. We're here to grow. And growth takes time and it also takes a willingness to step forward. To try something new and discover something about yourself. Practice. Learn. Explore. Try and fail and try again. Because that's what growth feels like.

Creative growth.

Personal growth.

Growth in patience.

Growth in self awareness.

Growth in CONFIDENCE and in knowing that you CAN do something.

Right now, we're part way into the shake-off-the-dust chapter, which means things are going to get a little bit (metaphorically) bigger, a little more interesting, and then we're going to shake things up with a new medium and a clean slate.

Live into each lesson. Experience each chapter fully. Give yourself the time and space to really work into and consume these practices.

And then take what you've learned and let everything else go. Give yourself the grace to keep moving forward.

There's a lot more ahead of us. And I will be right there with you, learning and failing and growing and laughing... and turning over a fresh page... every step of the way.


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