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Breaking through the fear wall...

Hello!!! Funny story... when I was in school, I made sure I was always enrolled in at least one art class. Then when I was in college, I actually MAJORED in art and, now, my career is all about being creative... but it's been FOREVER since I actually picked up a pen and drew anything... Like… I've been wondering (for a little too long) what would even happen if I tried? Honestly, the thought was just terrifying, but I also recognized that the scariest part of it was this fear that I had lost a part of myself. Have you ever felt that? It was like in all the computer-clicking, toddler-momming, and general craziness of adult responsibilities I was SO scared that this piece of me that had felt SO fundamental to who I was… was just... gone.

BUT the story doesn't end there, because you know this thing has to have a happy ending! With the encouragement of some super supportive fellow women-business-owners, I took a deep breath, worked through the panic, and just DID it. I put pen to paper and loved what came out. It's not perfect, but it's me. ❤️


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