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Color Meditation

Here's a funny thing..... those grown-up coloring books? Those elaborate and beautiful things that are supposed to help you calm your heartbeat and find your zen? ...yeah, they give me anxiety.

Because there's SO MUCH GOING ON in them and I am CONSTANTLY WORRIED that I'm going to put hours of effort into picking the right colors and planning the right moves and end up with a full page of color that looks like GARBAGE....

So in stead of all that... let's play with some color meditation. Because it is SO relaxing (for real!!) and it's a place where I'm actually able to find some zen.

Start by choosing shapes to trace. I chose circles, because they're easy. Then choose your color palette and start coloring it all in. It's literally that easy. You're legitimately making your OWN grown-up coloring page. Which means you get to make the rules. You get to change your mind. You get to mess things up and still find a way to love it. Because it's not "supposed" to look like a butterfly or a fox or a landscape scene... it's not "supposed" to look like anything... Honestly, it doesn't even have to look good when it's done. Because it's not about the finished product, it's about the process of getting there. Let the stress and overwhelm of the world slide off you and just... color. It's amazing.

What's happening: Think of this exercise as being "prescribed freedom". Every time I completed this exercise, I started out with a plan, got part way into that plan, and changed the plan. Too much freedom is terrifying, but this assignment allows you to enter into the process with some semblance of control... and to then slowly release that control over time.


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