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I'm still young!!! And I'm re-learning how to feel fun.

I am SO DONE with feeling small and feeling like the "fun" parts of me and of my life are behind me.

Because that's CRAZY!!! And it doesn't matter how old or how young you are. You're ALIVE!! And you're allowed to be exactly as weird and wild and creative and silly and FUN as you WANT to be.

Remember how it felt before you hit your early teens and people started telling you that you needed to fit into a little box that was shaped and decorated exactly like everyone else's little boxes. Remember what the world felt like and how you felt IN it, before anyone had a chance to tell you that who you were and what you loved was weird or wrong.

There literally is NO WRONG WAY to have fun. Dance if you want to dance. Who cares who's watching?!?!? As long as you're having fun and YOU feel good, you're doing it right.

So be young. FEEL young. And know that, no matter what age you are, there is SO MUCH MORE LIFE AHEAD OF YOU!!! So just live and be happy. Exactly however you want to.


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