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Making a Commitment

Hi!! I'm THRILLED you're here!!!! And I hope you are too, because there is SO MUCH GOOD ahead of you. I can't WAIT for every single second of it...

.... but first... it's time for you to make a commitment to yourself. Open your sketchbook to the very first, very blank, very terrifying page and write the following:

I give myself permission.

Permission to open my heart.

Permission to make mistakes.

Permission to learn and grow and be selfish and speak loudly and explore.

I commit to myself.

My whole self.

I will be kind to myself.

I will be patient with myself.

I will know that I am good, just the way I am.

This is my safe space.

I invite you to make this first assignment as creative and colorful, or as simple as you need. If all you can manage is to put pen to paper... that's ok. This is where we start. A great woman once told me that fear and excitement feel the same. So let's get excited and dive in.

You are SO worth committing to!!!!


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