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More and Less

Of all of the brand building exercises we've done so far, this one is probably the most straightforward.

What do you want more of in your life?

And what do you want less of?

Simple. Easy to figure out.

The funny thing is when you realize that all the things you're adding to the more pile have a direct correlation to something on the less pile... and that maybe life is really about balance. Not to-do lists. Not things to check off and accomplish one time. A lifelong practice of balance that you can grow within and through year after year. Somehow, there's less pressure in that.

I look at my More and Less lists and I think: "man... I have a lot of work to do this year." Which in my head really means: "I have a LOT of work to do RIGHT NOW because if I don't do it RIGHT NOW I'll somehow fail at all this self-improvement stuff..."

Because like all new-year-new-me resolutions, it's all wound up in this huge and NEVER-ENDING cycle... We make a big list of goals at the start of the year. We try. We try a little less. We give up. We feel bad. We promise to do better next time....

So.... let's NOT do that... because I'd rather think of this as a list of things that I can add to and grow from and that it isn't tied to this year. It's going to be with me forever, or at least for as long as I need it. I don't have to do it all right now. I can give myself some grace and take it all one step at a time. Sustainable growth over time. That feels better.

Personal vs. Professional: It's important to remember to make a distinction between what you need as a person and what your business needs. I did a More & Less list for me as a person and a separate list for me as a business/brand. My business is me... but I am more than "just" my business. The More & Less lists for both are definitely aligned and parallel, but they're not the same.

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