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Practicing Pattern

I think I love this one too much... like... I don't want to do actual work, I just want to practice pattern and play with cute colors all day... I can't WAIT for you to try it!!

Here's how it works, start by creating a grid of shapes. I did squares here, but I've also done one with circles and it's SO CUTE! Whatever feels good to you, do that. Then... start playing with patterns. I used a black sharpie, because that's what I love, but you can use pencil, pen, anything that feels good. And I literally mean feels good. Because for me, half of the experience is feeling the texture of the paper under the softness of the felt tip of the sharpie. The tactile experience is surprisingly important in a lot of these prompts, so keep that in mind.

Now, as you go, remember that this is literally called PRACTICE. This isn't about perfection, it's about exploration, discovery, opening your mind to things you haven't tried. So play with it! Don't worry about what it's going to look like in the end, just do it. Take this assignment one shape at a time and just DO. And do it a BUNCH. I've done this prompt twice already and I am literally EXCITED to do it again, because once you get into the flow of it, it's so relaxing and SO EASY!!!

Once your shapes are all filled up, you can absolutely call that page finished. I added colors because it made me happy. The purpose here is ideation and exploration, so don't let the pressure of color get in the way of that.

What's happening: When you look at any one thing you've made in isolation... it's ok. Maybe even less than ok... maybe you hate it a little... BUT when you take a step back and look at that same one thing within a SEA of other things that you've made, your brain focuses less on the little details you might regret and concerns itself MORE with the big picture. Which is BEAUTIFUL. When I look at the image above from a distance, I love it!! When I look too closely at any one square, I just don't. And we do this with people too... We look at all the people around us, all the pretty people doing beautiful things and we just love them and wish we could be more like them. But when we look at ourselves, we focus on the little details we wish were different. In this prompt, and in the world, try to focus on yourself within the larger picture. Everything is more beautiful when you look at the world that way. Even you.


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