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Remembering Me

13 years ago…. I attended a student residency at The Burren College of Art in County Claire, Ireland. Understandably, it feels like a LIFETIME ago… Since then I’ve married the Irishman I met on that trip, bought a house, had a daughter, and (in the mix of it all) become a graphic designer, started a business, and specialized in empathetic brand design… but…

… I’m still me…

I’m a wife, a mother, a business owner, but underneath it all, I’m still here. And being (literally) here, back in Ireland to visit with my husband’s family, I’m taking a weird and wonderful journey down memory lane. Because it’s been a LONG time… and it’s been a LOT of life between who I was as a wide-eyed young art student and who I am now. These days I spend most, if not all, of my creative time on my computer. Because it’s easier. Modern technology makes creative work efficient… but creativity isn’t supposed to be WORK and it’s definitely not supposed to be EFFICIENT.

The lesson of the day: Don’t let the convenience of modern technology stifle your creative enthusiasm. Physically engaging in creativity is the BEST way to rediscover who you are.


So I'm taking a step back to me. I'm getting away from the computer and physically engaging. Who knows what I might discover… and isn’t that just the most exciting thing!!!??

2010 Summer Gallery Show, The Burren College of Art, Co Claire


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