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Seasonal Gratitude Trees

You can probably guess that my favorite thing about this assignment, already, is that it's seasonal. Meaning we'll all get to do it again in the spring, summer, and fall. Because gratitude shifts and changes over time. What we think we need and what we are thankful for changes, just like the seasons.

So we're starting now. In winter... one of the seasons I would bet most of us find gratitude a little harder to find.

The first step is to draw a tree (or print out the download at the bottom of this prompt, where I've drawn a tree for you).

Then, in whatever way feels good, start adding in things you're grateful for. This could literally be a simple list of things. Or you could write them along the branches of the tree. Or you could fill up all of the space around the tree. Or, if you're feeling up to it, fill in the WHOLE PAGE with gratitude.

Think of what you are grateful for going into a new year. Think of what you are grateful to be leaving behind. Think of what you are grateful for in your ability to survive this season. Gratitude is incredibly personal. This assignment is too.

Personal vs. Professional: What are you grateful for as a person? What are you grateful for in your business? You as a person and you as a business each deserve their own attention and gratitude. I suggest completing this assignment twice. Once for your business brand and once for your personal brand (you).

Download PDF • 1.28MB


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