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The Importance of Creativity

Creativity is fundamental to growth. Opening your mind to creativity, and with creativity, in any shape or form is the first step toward opening up your whole future. Society teaches us that the path to success is linear and that progress happens when you work with a singular focus toward a singular goal… but the world and our minds are both SO MUCH BIGGER than that. The world around us is bright and vibrant and bursting with rich colors and textures and the more you practice seeing it, the more you actually DO see it.

And creativity doesn’t just mean painting and carving things out of marble and all those intimidating things… It means writing. It means taking pictures. It means cutting up little bits of paper and seeing how they fit together. It means problem solving and strategic thinking.


Creativity means experiencing the world differently today than you did yesterday. Creativity is one of deepest roots of human nature and I guarantee, if you think about it, that you’ve been creative and creating your whole life, even unknowingly.

Art isn’t for artists, it’s for everyone. Creativity isn’t for creatives, it’s the lifeblood of humanity.

Break free from linear thinking and see that the journey is winding and colorful and beautiful. Life is too short to pretend that success is somewhere off on the horizon and that your only job is to get from here to there. The more creative the journey, the more satisfying the destination.


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