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What I Love

This is going to feel a little reminiscent of the Seasonal Gratitude Trees we did a few weeks ago, but I experienced it in a VERY different way. Gratitude is sort of external... Yes it's something that you feel inside, something that is deeply personal and that is generated and experienced internally BUT it's easy to focus all of your gratitude on the world outside of you. I don't know about you, but I get anxious, sometimes, thinking of all the things I've forgotten to be grateful for... like BIG anxiety.

But that's not this.

This is selfish.

This is a BEAUTIFUL opportunity to list out all of the things that you LOVE and it doesn't have to mean ANYTHING to anyone but you.

So draw a heart... and fill it with all the things you love. I found making a bunch of lines inside the heart to be helpful because it set up an expectation for how many things I was going to write. It made me keep pushing past the obvious few things AND gave me the opportunity to see that my love is literally overflowing.

Personal vs. Professional: How much of your life is built around what YOU love? How many hours in a day do you spend actively feeling and pursuing that love that you are allowed to want and need? I went through a TOTAL overhaul of my business last year because I realized I'd spent 10 years building a business that did NOT make me feel loved. Fulfilled, a bit. Busy, YES. Free, sort of... But now I FOCUS on the love. I feel like I'm building my life around all of the things inside that heart. I also did the exercise for me as a person and you'll see that the love is all over that, too. And it feels AMAZING!!! It feels amazing to prioritize ME and MY happiness, my fulfillment, my joy. I'm finally speaking my own love language to myself!! Imagine that!!

And, as always, if you're not feeling super confident in your drawing abilities (I am literally terrible at hearts... mine involved multiple attempts and eventual tracing), you can always download the template below, print it out, and glue it into your sketchbook.

things i love
Download PDF • 1.23MB


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