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Zentangles, Mistakes, and Not Giving Up

ZENTANGLES!! Meditation, creativity, sharpies... love.

But the real point of Zentangles is the freedom to make mistakes... I pick up my sharpie and I make a mark. A line. A circle. ANYTHING. And then? I make another. And I keep moving forward and making one mark at a time and I try not to question myself at each step. I try to turn off that second-guessing part of my brain so that I can just... go. I can just do a thing without wondering what it's going to look like in the end. It's just one mark at a time.

And it's a mark I can't erase.

In stead, I take things one step at a time and turn it ALL into a bigger and more beautiful picture.

We are all big, beautiful pictures, so don't get hung up on mistakes. No one else sees them in you, so why do you?


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