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what is Brand Therapy?

It's the INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT piece you didn't know was missing in your brand growth journey.

Ok… I’m going to need you to bear with me,
because this is GOOD!!

To understand what Brand Therapy is and why it is SO IMPORTANT and INCREDIBLY VALUABLE to you as a brand/business owner… we first have to get one HUGE thing straight.

Your brand is not your logo. It’s not your colors or fonts or any of that surface stuff.

Your brand is YOU. Your brand is the soul of who you are and what you do. It’s your WHY. It’s your reason for getting out of bed every morning and continuing to build and work on this crazy business that you’ve literally created out of thin air and hope.


“To just get some of his energy out through creativity is going to be great. And it's going to help me do better in all the other things because this gives me a chance to process through it, you know?”

- Ashleigh H

So now that we've got that clear:


"Brand Therapy! Not something I'd ever heard of and definitely didn't think I needed. But one session in and my mental health around work is way different. We never discuss work trauma but it's real. I highly suggest Brand Therapy to any entrepreneurs or small business owners in my network. Let's get excited about work again."

-Christa P.

Brand Therapy is a conversation and a journey.


It lives in the questions that I ask:

“What makes you happy?” 

“What does failure look like for you?”

It's in the answers you give me

“I don’t know….?"

”It looks like giving up and walking away.”

It's in all those small moments where we get to peel back a layer of all the “I have to”s and “I should”s that you’ve used to guide all your brand decisions so far.

Brand Therapy is how I help you to heal and grow and thrive as a business owner and how YOU get to feel seen. Because I DO see you. And I AM you. I get that this is all hard because I live it too!!!

Building a business and growing a brand are HUGELY emotional, and Brand Therapy is how we face and better understand those emotional triggers and traps.

The best part of how Brand Therapy happens in inkspace is that it’s FUN.

Sign up for a Brand Therapy DIY Mini-Course and work through Fear of Failure or Imposter Syndrome or any number of the INCREDIBLY emotional hamstrings we face as business owners ALL THE TIME.


Or sign up for a Brand Therapy Session with me and feel like you FINALLY have someone to TALK to about all this stuff that’s been building up inside of you and getting in the way of you actually succeeding AND loving what you do.

And do it all… while engaging in creativity and play and FUN…

Being a business owner is supposed to be fun. Brand Therapy in inkspace is your first step toward realizing and remembering that.

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