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I am not a therapist. I am not a trained medical professional. I am a brand expert.

Any advice or guidance I offer should be heard and understood with that in mind.

I am a human being with a huge wealth of personal and professional experience and a DEEP well of empathy, so where I see opportunity to help and offer comfort, I will offer that help and comfort. Regardless of the membership fees I collect, that does not mean that I am providing psychiatric expertise in any way.

I'm just a kind person trying to offer my specific brand building and creative skill-set to anyone it can help to grow.

Terms & Conditions

Kindness is at the heart of everything inside the inKind Design universe.

I will not tolerate unkindness and reserve the right at any time to terminate the membership of anyone who I feel is introducing or encouraging unkind behavior within the group.

This is a safe space, and it is my responsibilty to keep it safe by protecting the hearts and feelings of as many members as possible. I take that responsibility VERY seriously.

There will be no talk of politics or divisive issues. There will be no bullying or criticism.

We are not here to argue and we are not here to critique and place blame or criticism, even if the intention is constructive. Please understand that it is my job to safeguard the emotional vulnerability of the group and it's members and I will do whatever I deem necessary to protect that.

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