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satisfy that creative itch and grow in ways you never imagined

with art therapy for brand owners

Even better, become a VIP and bring confidence and play back into your brand at a GREAT price!


The best membership for you and your brand!!

find out what's included in the $20/month
VIP membership

imagine if you could…

  • Get instant relief from those tedious (but necessary) business tasks

  • Work through business roadblocks by processing through art

  • Give your brain the space to solve problems and dream new ideas

  • Unlock new possibilities for your brand

Free Yourself to Make Bold Brand Decisions

The beauty of art therapy is that it frees us from our patterns of thinking, and shakes out the cobwebs of worry and doubt.

Underneath all the planners and strategies lives the passion that made us start our brand in the first place.

These time-tested exercises aren’t about creating art show work, they’re about busting our daily logistics so we can dream big again, and make bold new decisions for our brand.

Because your brand is always changing and expanding into new flavors.  YOU are in charge of where your brand goes.


inkspace will help you to imagine what’s possible.


you don't have to view yourself as creative, or even color well in coloring books, to reap the benefits of being creative.

SDSU Extension Health

So how does this work?

Set aside the time that feels right for you. 

You're already busy enough... so make this something you don't have to schedule around.

First thing in the morning over coffee, a much-needed afternoon brain-break, or leave it for the end of the day to help flush out the daily grind and transition into a peaceful evening.

How you experience inkspace, and all the goodies inside of it, belongs to you.

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Super powerful, compact collections of brand therapy exercises. Each one is geared toward helping you to work through the kinds of things that we all struggle with.

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1-on-1 time with me where you basically get to talk to me like you would talk to a therapist, but even better because I can bring practical and actionable brand expertise to the table.

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Join me online and in person for some Amazing opportunities to break up the work-day and shake out some creative ideas. These events are fun and they are effective.



Membership isn't required for you to get a feel for what inkspace is about, but it IS a great deal!!!

Members get all the inkspace Mini-Courses for FREE ($45 for non-members). Plus you get access to exclusive members-only exercises and info, AND discounts on virtual and in person events. Oh and you'll get access to the inkspace Group Chat, which is where we all gather in community to support each other, build each other up, and grow in BIG ways!!!


Your brand is safe
with me
And so are you...

This is one place where “messy” is not only okay, it’s encouraged.  And I don’t just mean the paints, crayons, or markers. I mean the mess of all that pressure and frustration and hopelessness that’s been building up inside you for… too long.


We’re going to explore how your business and brand feels. And how you feel in that brand.

And that’s where the real magic happens.

  • This group is private -  no pressure to be perfect!

  • The mess helps us unpack and sort through ideas

  • There is no failure because everything is wide open

  • Creativity can ultimately generate new growth

It’s not selfish or silly-
it’s good business.

Business ownership comes with endless baggage. All the responsibilities. All and details.

You feel that, right?

inkspace is your escape from the analytics and scrutiny.  We’re here to dream, relax, and rediscover the joy in our brand.


creativity allows us to create beautiful work, problem solve, and refresh our bodies and minds. Having fun positively impacts our mental health.

Diversus Health

Of course, this is not a replacement for professional therapy or professional health care.

All of the brand therapy and art therapy exercises inside of inkspace are rooted in the fundamental principles of human relationships with colors, shapes, art, and creativity.  It’s like combining adult coloring books with a walk in nature with a conversation with a trusted business strategist.  

So sign up and get constant access to community and great big scoops of joy and brand-love deliciousness, whenever you're hungry.

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